About us

Introducing us

Delivering practical solutions that fit in real world scenario’s by a problem solving approach. Knowing the users by researching their goals, needs, and motives and translate them to fitting solutions.

Our goal is to convert findings in to fitting solutions after analyzing user problems and there needs. We are professionally driven to search, find or create working resolutions that improve or stimulate a good User Experience

We are at best by working as a link between people and technology


What we do:

  1. ? Analysing and translating ? requirements or needs from ?? (business) stakeholders to ? (IT) solutions.
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  • Founded UserSolutions.org and User.Solutions
  • Focus on projects that improve product Usability
  • Focus on personalized solutions (Health Assistant)




  • Focus on User and product Research
  • Focus on Custom Developed Solution

  • Focus on International Cooperation


  • Focus on Health processes and eHealth Solutions


  • Focus on (the new) work environment during and after the corona epidemic


After delivering many successful project, it became time to re-new the website. How could a company that deliver daily modern solutions stuck with an old website? With the new website we a starting the build an OPEN-platform that represent what we already accomplished offline. We decided to share our knowledge and experience and still offer our team to help your company.